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Barcelona BangersBarcelona Bangers is a European getaway with a difference! Imagine a driving holiday taking in the sights of Belgium, France and Spain… Visit legendary venues such as Spa-Francorchamps, the Nurburgring and Monaco… Now consider attempting these in a £400 car dressed to thrill with 60 other like minded teams! Sound like fun?

See what previous ralliers thought of our events!
Brilliant! Big thanks from the Thumbs Up Fwiends!!
Sara (Thumbs Up Fwiends BB11)
Rovers arrived home in formation over 1,000 kilometres today and no oil used. Great event see you next year...
Deeping Round Table Teams BB13
Epic!! Roll on next year
Nathan (BB13)
A total of 2580miles in a Honda, 3 people in 4 days, in 4 countries, why were people staring at us? Maybe the force was with us, what an experience! Great people we met along the way too. The power of dreams some might say. Thanks to you all!
Richard (Louis) (Team TDK BB11)
This should be on everyone's bucket list, you won't regret it!
Jill (The Kidney Has Beenz BB13)
Loved it. Cheers Guys!
Aaron (Top Gun BB11)
Hi all! Thanks for a great event! Definitely doing it again next year, just caught up on my sleep now... How bloody exciting! Xx
Rosie (5th Dimension BB11)
Just thought I'd thank you for organising a fun filled weekend. It was an experience that all of us want to share again next year. So here is a Big Salute from us at the Spanish Border with the Sandyback lads!! Once again thanks from team 24, Bodget and Scarper!!!!
Mark (Bodgit and Scarper BB11)
The bubble wrap car made it all the way back to Stafford, overall an awesome weekend cheers guys and girls!
Paul (The Ironic Bagel BB11)
Just about to fly home now, all personnel ruined. Still got some great attention while driving around Barcelona, in one of the most comfy cars ever, might try and find another Honda Odyssey. Good job guys.
Tom (Bang Busketeers BB13)
Just want to say thank you to Gavin, Sophia & Gordon for a good time on this years rally... hopefully we will see you next time!
Stuart- (Team Hinchley Wood BB12)
Well organised and subscribed to by excellent folk. Many thanks again!
Simon (BB13)
Hello world, arrived safely in Prague with trusty lieutenant Rasheed and what can I say Rally Events have done it again great attention to detail and lots of interesting thing on the route, totally spent and looking forward to the meet later tonight, deserves Cigar meting and some Cognac..
Samuel (CC14)
I said to myself I wasn't going to do one next year but after the fun I've just had in the last 7 days how could I say no!
Steven (CC14)
I would like to give a huge thanks to Rally Events... we had a blast thanks again guys
Joe (Team 63 CC14)
I've found everything just seems a bit dull in comparison to driving around with a bunch of loons!
Karen (CC14)
Thanks again for such a mega weekend! Definitely aiming to make it again next year!
Ian Mason (BB15)
Enjoyed this rally and our adventure hasn’t even ended yet!
Jackie (Team Mcqueen BB12)
Just got home & want to say thank you all for a great time, that was the 1st rally me & Dave have done but we are making plans to do more!
Stuart and David (Thunderbirds 4 BB11)
What a weekend. My God I've never laughed so much in one weekend. The Stealth is now tucked up in bed ready for the next one!
Justyn (Team Stealth BB11)
You guys did a great job at the weekend and the Beach Bums had an awesome time, hopefully see you at another rally very soon!
Adam (Beach Bums BB11)
Excellent weekend, cheers guys
Edward (BB13)
I'm missing it already, not the fur flowing though haha!
Marc (Ronnies Roadrunners BB13)
Thanks for another epic adventure
Ashley (BB15)
Tit van is in Amsterdam, window shopping lol great weekend thanks a million had so much fun roll on next year
Jo (TIT Van CC14)
Finally home after one of the best experiences of my life, made a lot of good friends and had a great laugh, roll on Czecheap Challenge!
Alan Scales (BB15)
The Porsche/Nissan Gran Torino Hybrid has so far got us to Cologne! Steak by the river tonight and then hopefully back to Blighty tomorrow. Great trip, great people and cars and really well organised, looking forward to next year.
Rob and Emma (Team Potato CC14)
Thanks very much, good time was had by all. We managed to complete our theme and we have transported a car back! Hope to see you next year.
Jeff (The Transporters BB11)
What a weekend Barcelona Bangers was a great experience, cheers guys!!!
Stuart (Beach Bums BB11)
There aren’t enough words to say how amazing a trip that was!
Yaz (State Troopers BB12)
'Floaters' had an amazing trip, we’re buzzing for Prague as soon as we got in the door! THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE #BB13TopJob
Nick (The Floaters BB13)
Just want to say thanks to Gavin, Sophia & Gordon and all who took part in an amazing adventure, great to win it but in reality we all won by doing it!
Jonathan (Fatman and Blobbin BB11)
Well done Rally Events for organising this special trip. XxX
Martyn (Rolling Stones BB13)
I'm ready to go again! It's been totally awesome and we've met some super lovely people 🙂 Thanks guys for organising such a memorable rally...
Karen (Glitter Mitten BB13)
We're still pressing on around Europe, but definitely doesn't have the same atmosphere as the past few days! Missing everyone loads already.
Rachel (Team Mustachio BB13)
We had a fab and memorable trip
Mark Ireland (BB15)
Just arrived home after a long drive, met some great people, saw some fantastic sights and enjoyed every minute of it. Looking forward to doing another!
James (BB13)
That was an awesome weekend! Thanks to everyone involved. I feel the addiction setting in. I keep on eyeing up bangers on the motorway!
Paul (A-Team BMW BB11)
We have made it people!!!!! Made some unforgettable friends on the way who have really made this adventure so amazing!! Now for the 3 day return trip. Never gonna forget this trip as long as I shall live!!!!!
Mikey (The Yorkshire Puddings BB11)
Soo home now. 3400 miles 60gallons of diesel, 12 tins of silly string, 4l of foam fluid, slalomed through every set of cones, tooted and partied in every tunnel, blew the turbo, got refused entry in Spain, had sod all sleep laughed more than I thought possible, same again next ...
Daniel (2 DJs and the SS BB11)
Thanks for probably one of the most mind-blowing, exhilarating road trips I have ever had.
Rob (Bangers and Smash BB12)
Thanks for the Barcelona Bangers team, great stuff again. Well done.
Samuel (BB15)
Fabulous event, as ever. Thank you
Chris and Valerie (Team 4 BB15)
The Banger Rally for me was incredible. Easily one of my best experiences to date. Hopefully I'm going to make it an annual experience for the future.
Steve (10-4 Rubber Ducky BB12)
One of the daftest, best things I've ever been involved in. Totally enjoyed being one of the Gangnam 69ers!!!
Michael (BB13)
Thanks for an epic weekend. We made it back Wednesday even with dodgy wheel bearing see you all soon
Jonathan (Team 18 BB13)
Pretty impressive last night lots beer good food and quality entertainment........With some top peeps....
Bob (F.A.R.T CC14)
Hey guys thanks for a superb rally, we got home safe and sound last night with no trouble whatsoever!! We even managed to get through a good few traffic jams pretty quick as a lot thought we actually were an ambulance!! See you all next year for yet another good ...
Kevin (WTF is That CC14)
Had a great time with all you guys was so much fun that the next car should be here in about 2 weeks!
Rob (BB13)
A big thank you to Gav/Sophia/Gordon for a stormer of a few days.... The best time I've had for a good while. Also all of the teams we met on the way were fantastic and such great folk.. We ended up selling the Merc to a very happy customer at ...
Simon (In Cod We Trust BB13)

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