The Route for July 2017

We recommend that teams aim to arrive at our meeting point in Calais on the Wednesday (26th July 2017). The fun and games start at 9am on Thursday.

Day 1 – Thursday 27th July

Calais to Koblenz – 320 miles

The first day will take us north through Belgium, Brunch in Brussels at the Atomium perhaps? a pitstop at Spa Francorchamps race circuit for a peak at the Eau Rouge. Then on to the ‘Green Hell’….. The Nürburgring – Fancy a lap? There’s plenty of time as we will be spending the night in the German city of Koblenz only 40 minutes from the track.

Map showing Calais and Koblenz

Day 2 – Friday 28th July

Koblenz to Colmar – 320 miles

Day 2 will weave along the French/ German border, it’s a short route if taken direct…. but we have so much to see if would be rude to miss out on Hockenheim and Stuttgart- Yes another chance to visit the Porsche museum as well as the fantastic Auto & Technik museums at Speyer and Sinsheim- seen them on our past events…. don’t worry we have you covered too, heading back into France and our stop for the night, the beautiful gingerbread town of Colmar- a gem in itself but it also just happens to be a stone’s throw from the home of Bugatti, Mulhouse. An opportunity to visit Cité de l’Automobile – an amazing collection of over 400 cars from motoring history, including the largest collection of Bugattis worldwide

Map showing Koblenz and Colmar

Day 3 – Saturday 29th July

Colmar to the Stelvio Pass – 310 miles

The endless Swiss mountain passes you’ve all dream’t about including the Umbrail, Grimsel and of course, the best driving road… in the world, The Stelvio Pass. Take your pick of the passes and drive to your hearts content… or your car says it’s had enough! It might look a short day but this is a full day of technical driving that will be a real test of your choice of car.

The Stelvio Pass
Map showing Colmar and the Stelvio Pass

Day 4 – Sunday 30th July

Stelvio Pass to Rimini – 320 miles

The final day gives a choice – Lake Como and Monza or Lake Garda and Verona… both routes give you the chance to go to Modena, home of Lamborghini, Ducati and Pagani… or why not pop over to Maranello, drive a Ferrari from as little as €40 and tour the history of the brand in the home of the prancing horse! Our final destination is the seaside resort of Rimini with its 14 miles of beaches and weather to please any sun god!

Map showing the Stelvio Pass and Rimini