Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Banger Rally?
A Banger Rally is an event in which a group of like minded people drive old or beaten up cars to places they wouldn’t normally visit and generally have fun!

What do I need to take part?
You’ll need some friends (you need a minimum of two people in your team) a suitable vehicle. a handful of brushes, paint and imagination. Check out the photos featured in the slideshow on the homepage for inspiration.

Is there an age limit for team mates taking part in the event?
Yes our events are strictly over 18’s only. Partly due to the nature of the event but also due to venue age restrictions.

How old does my car have to be?
You can bring any car you like under £400 really, we do positively encourage you to theme it. To be in with a chance of winner the Best Banger prize you will need to put in some effort as competition is strong!

Can I have a team larger than four people?
Unfortunately due to insurance limitations we can’t allow teams larger than four on this event regardless of vehicle size sadly.

When does the rally start?
Barcelona Bangers starts on Thursday 21st May 2015. This is the day we meet in Calais. The meeting will be in the evening, teams will be informed of the venue closer to the time. The driving begins the following morning.

How much will the rally cost?
The Entrance Fee – The cost to enter the rally is £225 for a team of two. If you wish to add extra team mates to reduce your costs, we ask for a further £45 per person if booked with your ticket.
The Car – The cost of the car should be less than £400. What you spend on the car after purchase is entirely up to you, be it pimping it up or repairs.
Accommodation – We have selected a choice of hotels for each night with varying budgets so there is something for everyone. Expect rooms to cost approximately £50 per night for a twin room. Some of the more popular tourist cities will cost a little more though. Its possible to get a reputable hotel room for a little as £30 a night but it might not be as central as others. The alternative for those on a really tight budget is to camp. the down side is they are nearly always out of town so what you save will likely be spend on taxis to join the rest of the teams.
Channel Crossings – a return ferry can cost as little as £50 with various deals and advance booking. Alternatively for a more flexible and faster travel the Eurotunnel is a great experience from as little as £60 each way.
Tolls – You can get away without doing any of this trip using tolls but there is a happy balance between time saved and cost. On average a team will likely spend around £40 on tolls on this route.
Fuel Costs Diesel is quite a lot cheaper in France than Petrol but is it enough to warrant spending extra on a diesel? prices fluctuate as here so I would roughly budget for a tank of fuel per day on the safe side- some have managed to do the event on a tank and a half of diesel. where others spend more time stopping for fuel than anything else. Its really down to your choice of car.
Returning Home – Will you be flying home and scrapping your car? or will you drive home… more and more return home each year to use the banger for the next one or in the hope that scrap value is better back home… or is it just that sense of completing the journey! Scrap value in Barcelona is approximately €120-€200 per car depending on model.

What do we do about accommodation?
You can arrange your own camping- to keep the costs down or hotels. We would encourage teams to spend that little bit more to go for hotels as you will be more central to our visiting locations and you will likely get a more sociable experience. We like to keep all teams in the same hotel for this very reason. All the hotels we recommend are of a clean and reputable chain.

What makes Barcelona Bangers different to other Banger Rallies?
We have been organising Banger Rally Events since 2005 and believe very much in attention to detail. Some of the other rallies out there give you very little information and just expect you to know everyone and everything there is to know about driving in Europe. We aim to provide you with all the information you require to make your trip as easy as possible. We value the social aspect of the event and encourage the community to bond before, during and after the event. We consider you all to be in our banger family.

We have a great deal of experience and believe that our routes can’t be bettered. We keep the driving down to around 6 hours per day which means that you are not getting to your next destination and heading straight for bed. This way you get a chance to see some of the great places we take you and of course to socialise with your fellow Bangers and have a few beers. There are some rallies out there that will have you driving 500 miles in a day!

What if my Banger costs more than £400?
The spirit of Barcelona Bangers is all about getting together with like minded people and having a laugh. There is always a degree of flexibility in the value of the car. Are we going to ask you to prove how much you bought the car for? Err…No, we cant and you cant prove it anyway! However, if your car looks as though it cost a lot more than £400 then it is your fellow Ralliers that will judge you!!!

What if I breakdown, will the organisers provide support?
Out of all the cars that enter, only a small number will break down. The organisers can’t promise to provide support but have in the past assisted stranded teams and taken them on to their next destination where they have then joined up with fellow Ralliers for the remainder of the trip. The organisers of some of the other rallies out there have a ‘tough luck’ attitude and ‘it’s your problem not ours’!

You will be given the organisers contact numbers who will wherever possible try and assist you so that you can continue on your trip. What we do recommend however is that you take out European breakdown cover and make sure that it covers all the countries you will be travelling through.

We also offer an anonymous number share between bangers if you wish to take part. Think of it as Europe wide Chinese whispers if you like- this has worked well in the past. There is always going to be another Banger nearby!

Do I need to know anything about cars?
Like we’ve said above, there is a great deal of camaraderie on these events and it is very rare for teams not to make it to the final destination one way or another.

What happens at the end of the rally, do I scrap the car and fly home or do I drive back?
It’s up to you. Some people drive back, some people go on elsewhere and some fly back. If you are flying back, it’s a nice idea to give the car to a deserving waiter / waitress. It would certainly make their day!

Do you have any contact details for Scrapyards at the final destination?
We aim to provide you with a list of breakers for scrapping your car. In the past, some of the teams have given their cars away to locals or staff at the hotel or even sold them to a local garage. We do not however negotiate this for you and it would be entirely your responsibility.

I’ve heard some rallies just contain driving on motorway and toll roads, is Barcelona Bangers the same?
Definitely not, you could actually do this rally without going on the motorways and avoid tolls completely! There is however a balance needed between the time you save and the extra cost. Tolls are recommended on parts of the journey but they are kept to a minimum. This rally is specifically designed for you to get a feel for the countries you are travelling through during which time you will experience the most spectacular scenery in Europe.

How much driving is there each day?
We travel through stunning scenery and stay in some fantastic places. We have therefore worked out a route so that the maximum driving in any one day is about 6 hours. This therefore gives you plenty of time to get there, relax and explore. It’s not a school trip, it’s an adventure you can certainly personalise it to suit yourselves.

I’m not from the UK, can I still come on the rally?
Absolutely, we welcome entrants from all over Europe. As we are from the UK though this is an English speaking rally.

Do I have to raise money for charity?
No, that is entirely up to you. It is not a requirement, but we do hugely encourage it. over the last 5 years teams have raised in excess of £150,000. Some teams just take part for fun but some are more charitable.

I’ve heard that some teams decorate their cars and wear fancy dress, is this true?
Yes, this is a huge part of Barcelona Bangers and we highly encourage it. Some choose a theme, others just put stickers and their team name on the car- try it, its quite liberating to “bangerise” a car!

Do I get a team number?
Team numbers are displayed on the website once you have bought your ticket. We would prefer that you pick a team name to be referred as – numbers suggest that Barcelona Bangers is a race – which it is definitely not! Please note that if you do decide to put a team number on your car please put a diagonal line through the number- Its been suggested that insurance companies can void your policy if this isn’t done.

Will I have to sign a disclaimer?
Yes, you will. This is standard practice on all Banger Rallies.

What do the challenges involve?
Now that would be telling, you’ll just have to wait until the rally begins. Every team starts on an equal footing, even teams from previous years have no advantage, because we change the challenges each year. You must make sure you have a digital camera to take part in some challenges.

Are there prizes to be won?
There are prizes to be won throughout the event. From daily challenge winners prizes, The Best Banger prize and, of course, the top 3 for the event. As well as cash prizes the top teams will also get a bespoke Bangers trophy!

If the above doesn’t answer all your questions please feel free to contact us info”AT” (Please replace “AT” with “@”)